Group elections

The LGA Independent Group announced the election results on Tuesday 6 July 2021

The Local Government Association (LGA) Independent Group announces elections results for the posts of Group Leader, Deputy Group Leader and Group Treasurer at the Group Annual General meeting today, Tuesday 6 July 2021, as part of the LGA Annual Conference.

Declaration of results

Cllr Marianne Overton, Group Leader

I am honoured to be continuing as Leader and thrilled that we are the only group to have elected two women at the top. We are a diverse group, leading and representing many communities across England and Wales. We will be listening to our members, and drawing on their huge talent and skills to help make local government the best it can be. Together with other government in the UK and Europe, we will be tackling huge challenges in climate change, protecting our natural world and creating a covid recovery that strengthens our economy, our environment and our communities. Further big challenges have been created for us by our own PM and cabinet - the sweeping away of local planning as we know it, government re-organisation and keeping services funded and local, including care.

Councillor Hannah Dalton, Deputy Leader

I am delighted to become Deputy Leader. I am looking forward to working with Marianne, Paul, the Executive as well as Independent councillors across England and Wales. As our group continues to grow, we represent diverse communities the length and breadth of the country. As a team we will actively engage and represent you to ensure that the voice of Independents is heard as we face the unique set of challenges post pandemic. We are committed to increasing the diversity across the our group, in its many forms, and ensuring that we bring forward new voices, talent and skill.

Councillor Paul Woodhead, Treasurer

I am looking forward to continuing to serve all my Independent Group colleagues with Marianne, Hannah and the whole Executive Team to ensure our collective views, aims and objectives are represented to make Local Government the priority of the National Government and our own budget is fully spent to build the unique voice of independent representation.