Leadership development

In partnership with NHS Clinical Commissioners, we co-deliver leadership events for political and clinical leaders in care, health and wellbeing. These provide an opportunity to learn from each other and share experiences, using the LGA's tried and tested approach to leadership development.

Following the COVID-19 health emergency, with its widespread and far reaching impact across communities, we continue to refocus our improvement support for local leaders of health, wellbeing and care, as we move into the next phase.

The health and care political and clinical leadership offer

We are starting to reframe our support offer to fit the new circumstances, but what is clear at this stage is that we need to support local leaders of place to build on the strength of communities that we have witnessed in this emergency and reshape approaches to supporting the vulnerable and tackle health inequalities that COVID-19 has also brought to the fore. Our leadership offer is aimed at:

  • HWB chairs/co-chairs
  • HWB vice chairs
  • council leaders
  • CCG chairs
  • Lead political role/chair in an NHS partnership or Devo arrangement
  • portfolio-holders/lead members with responsibility for adult social care
  • portfolio-holders/lead members for public health

Current virtual offer

  • Mentoring
  • Development network
  • Coaching offer

For further information on our virtual offer please contact chip@local.gov.uk

Development network/member KHub

This is a safe online space for members to connect with their peers, share and seek out ideas and to network.

Slides from previous webinars

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Coaching offer: one to one leadership development

Those in leadership positions are able to access one to one development conversations with Leadership Academy facilitators focused on helping councillors adapt their leadership style through three structured coaching calls. To find out more, please email grace.collins@local.gov.uk