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Modelling devolution – working together to deliver local services

Jointly produced by the LGA and National Association of Local Councils (NALC), this publication describes five models of how principal councils are devolving services to a more local level. ‘Modelling devolution' offers food for thought together with some recommended do's and don'ts for those councils that are contemplating devolving services.

Cities and Local Government Devolution Act 2016 (Get in on the Act)

An introduction to the Act and summary of the main issues on which the Local Government Association (LGA) lobbied.

Combined authorities: a plain English guide

A combined authority (CA) is a legal body set up using national legislation that enables a group of two or more councils to collaborate and take collective decisions across council boundaries.

What next for devolution

What next for devolution?

A green paper to encourage local debate and generate wider scrutiny of the whole devolution process.

English Devolution: Learning lessons from international models of sub-national governance

Key points of learning for those faced with strategic choices regarding devolved governance arrangements.

Learning from English devolution deals

Learning from English devolution deals

Drawing on the experience of the devolution deals agreed since November 2014 – and Greater Manchester’s experience in particular – the research has found four major themes critical to the success of a distinctively English form of devolution.

Don't be left in the dark: Devolution questions answered

This guide provides answers to some of the key questions about devolution and what it means for councils, their residents and communities.

Devolution: our offer of support

We want to help councils at all stages of their devolution journey and offer a range of support, from advice and research to networking and events.

Don't be left in the dark: Devolution and mayors

This short guide gives information on the role of combined authority mayors, what they will do and what this means for the residents they serve.

Non-mets thumb

The future of non-metropolitan England: Moving the conversation on - the interim report

‘Non metropolitan England’ is an expression that captures the large and small towns, the villages and hamlets, the coastal communities and the rural and the deeply rural areas in which 62 per cent of the English population live. It refers to a diverse range of places with significant differences in their demographic make-up, geography and economy, populated by people that want to live fulfilled and successful lives and businesses that strive to prosper and grow.

Build back local

To build back better, we must build back local.

Build back local: Building back better

Read the full 2021 LGA Annual Conference paper.


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